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Bharatpur is situated 55 km away from Agra and is best known for its bird sanctuary, the Keoladeo Ghana National Park, which is rich in avian variety and is one of its kind in Asia. Every year the rare Siberian cranes migrate here to spend the winter in the warmer climate of Bharatpur.

Bharatpur was founded by Maharaja Suraj Mal in 1733 AD and is also known as 'The Eastern Gateway to Rajasthan'. Bharatpur was earlier known as Mewat and was constructed in a manner that it remained fortified. It was named Bharatpur after 'Bharat', the brother of Lord Rama, whose other brother Laxman was worshiped as the family deity of the Bharatpur. We offering bharatpur bird sanctuary tour and bird sanctuary tour.

Keoladeo National Park Attractions in Bharatpur

Keoladeo National Park : The Keoladeo National park is spread over an area 12 square miles, just outside Bharatpur. It is one of the most exotic parks with complex woodlands, swamps, wet prairies and dry savanna. It is home to 370 types of birds, among which 115 species are migrants flying in from Central Asia, Siberia and Western China during the winter months. This bird sanctuary is one of its kind and watching birds here is an enriching experience.

Lohagrah Fort : The Lohagrah fort was conceived and designed by Maharaja Suraj Mal, the founder of Bharatpur and was built in ealy 18th centuary. It has faced many British attacks. The fort has three palaces within its premises, they are, Mahal, Mahal Khas and Kothi.

Jawahar Burj and Fateh Burj : There are about eight imposing towers that still stand erect within the rampants of the Lohargarh fort, among them two of the them, Jawahar Burj and Fateh Burj are of special interest. They were built buy Maharaja Suraj Mal to signify his victories over the Mughals and British. The coronation ceremony of the Jat rulers of Bharatpur were held at the Jawahar Burj.

The Palace : This exotic building is a blend of Mughal and Rajput architecture. It has lovely tiles on the floors having interesting patterns. The museum in the palace exhibits ancient articles of importance.

Government Museum : This museum has a rich collection of carved sculptures and ancient inscriptions that are exhibited. The museum is situated inside the palace itself.

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AWetlands at Keoladeo Ghana » Deeg (32 km) : Deeg is an exquisite excursion destination, lying 22 miles north of Bharatpur. Created by Raja Badan Singh with additions by Raja Surajmal in the mid-eighteenth century, this was an idyllic refuge from the battles which the erstwhile rulers constantly waged. Once the summer resort of the rulers of Bharatpur, it served as the second capital of the region. This interesting town has massive fortifications amidst beautiful gardens.

Getting There

By Air : The nearest airport Agra is 56-kms from Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. The place is also well connected with Delhi Airport, which can be reached from Agra.

By Rail : The Bharatpur railway station is 6-kms from the national park. The regular trains connect Bharatpur with all the major cities of India such as Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur and Agra.

By Road : An excellent road network connects Bharatpur to all the major towns of the Rajasthan like Agra, Jaipur, Delhi and its neighboring states like Uttar Pradesh and Haryana.

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