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Nasik, as a place defined as a holy city, has enough legend attached to it. Nasik, the holy city, located in state of Maharashtra is home to the place where Laxmana (brother of Lord Rama), chopped of the nose of Ravana's sister, Shupranakha and it is believed to be the same place from where Ravana kidnapped Sita (wife of Lord Rama). Set against the River Godavari, Nasik delightfully displays its ancient past in its relics and magnificent temples. The Kumbh Mela is held at twelve different places and one of them is Nasik too. The foundation of the city is built on legends and myths. The city has its trademark spires and domes rising over conventional industrial estates and residential areas. The busy life of Nasik is best observed and experienced at the riverside market with rows of shops.

Today, Nasik is India's biggest grape-growing region. Nestled in the Western Ghats of India, Nasik has a climate perfect for wine grapes and it is on par with winegrowing regions in Spain, California and Australia.

Nasik Nasik Attractions
» Ramkund : Built in 1695, Ramkund is a holy tank. Chitrarao Khatarkar got it constructed 27mts. by 12 mts. It is believed that, Lord Rama and his consort Sita used this tank for bathing during the years of exile. There is a common belief that if the ashes are immersed in the holy waters of this kund, salvation or moksha is easily achieved.

» The Muktidham Temple : Situated close to the station, around 7 km from the city, the Muktidham Temple has been built with pure white makrana marble tiles, making it an outstanding piece of architecture. The unique feature found here is that, 18 chapters of the Bhagwad Geeta are written on the walls of the temple.

» The Coin Museum : The Coin Museum is located against the backdrop of the beautiful Ajneri Hill. The Indian Institute of Research in Numismatic Studies was established in 1980 and is the only of its kind in Asia. The museum has a fine collection of researched and well-documented history of Indian currency. Also included in 6the collections are photographs, articles, line drawings, replica, real coins and also a detailed analysis of the various currency systems that existed in the India from centuries together. The Institute has now begun workshops to encourage the hobby of coin collection in the Indians.

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» The Kalaram Temple : Built in 1794 by Gopikabai Peshwa, the Kalaram Temple, is another architectural marvel, with the motif, pretty much analogous to that of the Trimbakeshwar Temple.

» Sai Baba Temple : Shirdi, the temple dedicated to Sai Baba is situated at a distance of about 122 kms from this place. Nearby is the Dwarkamani mosque, where the Baba is believed to have meditated and slept on alternate nights. Just next to the mosque is a long corridor. Here, the eternal flame burns day and night.

Nasik » Trimbakeshwar : Trimbakeshwar is one of the 12 Jyotirlinga sites in India. Trimbakeshwar is situated in the heart of the village Trimbak at a distance of 36 kms from Nasik. It forms the source of the Godavari River. The Trimbakeshwar temple here is a very famous and is visited by thousands of pilgrims each day. It is believed that bathing in the waters of the Godavari is an easy way to attain salvation.

» Dudhsagar Waterfalls : Dudhsagar Waterfalls is the favourite haunt of the youngsters and the teens. Situated at Someshwar, the waterfalls are 10 metres long and the water is milky white. The rock has steps chiseled on it for easy reach and the place is a major attraction especially just after the rains.

Getting There
» By Air : There is one daily flight to and from Bombay (187 km) operated by Indian Airlines.

» By Rail : Nasik is an important junction on the central Railway. It is linked directly with most cities in India. Visitors from south India can travel to Nasik either via Manmad or via Bombay.

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» By Road : A network of national highways links it to the other cities of Maharashtra. A well maintained and frequent us service connects all the towns. There is a round the clock bus and taxi service which connects Nasik with Bombay.

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